Safety is an important part of any industry. At Brunswick, the personal safety and health of each employee involved with the project is of utmost primary importance.

Furthermore, we realize that safety plays a vital role in increasing the value of our products and services for our clients. Key considerations in Brunswick’ approach to its Health and Safety Policy include the development of programs which promote consistency, standardization of equipment and programs that embody the proper attitudes towards injury and illness prevention. These programs extend not only to the employees, subcontractors, and their fellow workers but involve and apply to managers and supervisors.

Special attention is afforded to each component of the safety program to ensure ease of implementation and ensuring that they conform to the best practices of our organization. Comprehensive training and mechanical/physical facilities are provided to the greatest degree possible in keeping with the highest standard.

Safety affects everyone; ensuring a safe and successful project not only protects lives but also increases productivity and increased quality of workmanship.

Health & Safety Manual

As a component of our commitment to safety, Brunswick Sheet Metal has built an extensive Health and Safety Manual to educate and direct our employees in safe practices. This is a living document that continually updates and evolves.

The Health and Safety Manual is intended to detail and direct our employees and clients to the rules and procedures developed by Brunswick Sheet Metal with regard to employee health and safety. While accidents can and do happen in every industry, this manual has been developed as a strict guide to minimize the possibility of accidents or injury on the job site.

Employees must exercise responsibility and judgment, whether they are on their own or being supervised. It is a requirement upon employment that all new employees read and understand the full scope and duties involved in the use of the Health and Safety Manual.

As such, all employees must also sign an acknowledgement that they have read through the Health and Safety Manual, support its objectives, and are aware of the location if needed as a reference.

If you have questions or concerns about Brunswick’s safety policies, or have special safety needs at your project, please contact our team.